Instrument list (layout):

Percussion 1 (left upper)
Tibetan singing bowl
Cymbal (with stand)
Small Triangle (with stand)
Small Maracas (Chikitas)
Woodblock (with stand)
Djembe (with stand)
Small Tenor Drum (Floor Tom)

Stick tray

Percussion 2 (right upper)
Tibetan singing bowl
Cymbal (with stand)
Large Triangle (with stand)
Large Maracas
Bongos (with stand)
Large Tenor Drum (Floor Tom)

Stick tray

 Percussion 3 (left lower)
4 Orchestral Tom-toms
Orchestral bass drum

Large Tam-tam

Stick tray

Percussion 4 (right lower)
2 Cowbells (with stand)
Congas (with stand)
Bass drum (on side)

Large Tam-tam

Stick tray


Full instrument list:

2        Tibetan singing bowls

2        Sistra

2        Tambourines

2        Cymbals (with stands)

1        Small Triangle (with stand)

1        Large Triangle (with stand)

1        Pair of Small Maracas (Chikitas)

1        Pair of Large Maracas

1        Pair of mechanical Castanets

1        Pair of Claves

1        Cabasa

1        Woodblock (with stand)

2        Cowbells (with stand)

1        Djembe (with stand)

1        Pair of Bongos (with stand)

1        Pair of Congas (with stand)

1        Small Tenor Drum (Floor Tom)

1        Large Tenor Drum (Floor Tom)

4        Orchestral Tom-toms

1        Orchestral Bass Drum

1        Bass Drum (on side)

2        Large Tam-tams

4        Stick / Instrument trays

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