The set consists of a fast-fold projection screen surrounded by two steel deck towers

  • The towers will have a foot print of 8 feet by 8 feet
  • The first platform level of the towers is at height of 7 feet from the ground and are accessible by vertical ladders, attached to the side of the towers
  • The total height of the towers will be approximately 14 feet
  • The film will be projected onto a screen approximately 14 feet by 10 feet placed between the two towers (please see the diagram below). The size of the screen, and therefore, the overall width of the production can be reduced to fit each venue. Please let the technical contact know if you foresee any problems
  • To build the set we require a clear, flat (or gently raking) and solid floor
  • The set build takes approximately two hours
Platform design
Platform design

Salomé set structure


  • Sound Affairs will tour with a fast fold screen (14 foot x 10 foot), 6000 Lumen projector complete with a selection of lenses and a projector stand.
  • We are also happy to project onto cycloramas or cinema screens; however, we would like to set the towers approximately mid stage to ensure that the audience view is not compromised
  • Rear projection is the preference; however, we will tour some general items of rigging equipment to enable front projection if necessary.  Please advise the Tour Manager if you foresee this being an issue and if specialist equipment may be needed.
  • Video and audio backing tracks will be run using a MAC. 

Salomé - floor plan


  • 8 lit music stands
  • 2 x dimmable circuits so that the music stands can be attached to the in house dimming system
  • 2 x floor lanterns (Fresnel or similar) required centre stage left and centre stage right, at the base of each tower
  • Lighting which will be used to light the musicians located in each tower and all necessary ancillaries to enable this system to work
  • A DMX tie line to the lighting control room or position
  • A lighting desk connected to the in house dimming system

Salomé - lighting design (towers)


12 LED lights in total: 3 for each of the four musicians



  • PA (speakers behind the screen)
  • Electrical supply on stage for sound power distribution
  • We will require a FOH mixing position in the auditorium